Beacon Theatre- New York, NY

Don Felder and his amazing band put on the best show of the year! From Eagles classic hits, including Mr. Felder's Hotel California, to music from his new CD, it was a party at the Beacon. People were dancing and singing along from the beginning of the concert. Don Felder puts on a show not to be missed.

The Ever Phenomenal Felder

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino- Anderson, IN

"This was a phenomenal show. Don Felder played all of the songs that you expected to hear (all Eagles greatest hits) plus a couple from his last solo album and a great cover of SRV's 'Pride and Joy.' He was effervescent, had a twinkle in his eye and tremendous stage presence. The concert itself was intimate and the venue allowed Felder to walk into the crowd and cavort with some of the prettier women while playing his guitar. His backup band was equally impressive, especially his bassist, who sang lead on one tune and carried the weight on backup vocals."

Felder was Great!

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino- Anderson, IN

We saw Don in Las Vegas at the Palms and at Hoosier Park.. Both concerts were great. No wonder the Eagles are a Rock and Roll hall of fame band.

Don Felder at Hoosier Park

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino- Anderson, IN

"just a great show and had a wonderful time listening to the old eagles tunes."

Great Show

Sugarhouse Casino- Philadelphia, PA

"Don started off with a bang, playing several Eagles hits. He then played a few of his own songs, and even covered Pride and Joy by SRV. Sounded great, and his band was also fantastic."

Don Felder Was Awesome!

SugarHouse Casino- Philadelphia, PA

"Met Don at the meet and greet and he was friendly and very gracious! The concert itself was awesome!"

A True Legend

"You could tell that this man just loves what he does...and what he does is make music. Not just any music - but true classics. He didn't just play to us - he played for us. It was a diverse crowd - young and old...true blue Eagles fans & guitar heroes and each one of us came away from the show completely blown away (& wishing for more)."

Don Felder

"Don was great. A real class act. His voice was on par. Never understood Henley not wanting Don to sing. If you ask me he is a real jerk for not sharing his voice on some of the Eagles songs. Best of luck to you Don. Hoping you will tour Northeast Pa at some point. After posting my pic with you at the meet and greet on Facebook people starting saying Wow how did you do that. Well just buy a ticket to his show and things happen"

Don Felder Amazing

Sugarhouse Casino- Philadelphia, PA

"Don was incredible. His voice is fantastic and his guitar chops are still great. He was friendly and told stories to the audience. He invited fans to come up close to the stage. His backing band is tight and sounded wonderful. Don ripped through a set the included many Eagles songs and a few great solo songs. The sound mix was one of the best Ive ever heard. His unique guitar tone and great vocals made for an unforgettable experience. If anyone gets the chance to see Don in concert, I HIGHLY recommend it!! Can't wait to see him again."

Amazing Don Felder

"I knew it was going to be good. But it was great. One of the top 3 concerts I have seen in my life. Great voice (Don't know why Henley and Frey wouldn't let him sing) chatty, engaging, looked great, constant smiling."

Don Felder at Sugarhouse

Sugarhouse Casino- Philadelphia, PA

"Don has been one of my favorite guitarists since I first saw him in '76 and still is. If anything he has gotten better as the show was absolutely great.!! Older tunes, newer ones, it didn't matter. They were all great. He struck as an entertainer who really appreciates his fans. Through all the years sine he left the Eagles, and I can't blame him as I read his book, I have always hoped I would get to see in a solo act. Mission accomplished, now I want to see him again!! Also, his back-up band is quite good!! All in all a very, very good show!! Thank you sooooooo much Don!!!"

A phenomenal performance!

SugarHouse Casino- Philadelphia, PA

"I had high hopes for this concert but was, quite frankly, blown away by Don Felder and his band's performace. Most of the set was Eagles songs, as befitted his 27 years as a full member of the group, along with three numbers from Felder's solo career and a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan (Pride and Joy). All the band's members were accomplished musicians and delivered impressive performances. Felder, however. was on a whole other level, demonstrating why he is considered one of rock's great guitar virtuosos. I've been a Felder fan ever since he joined the Eagles and brought the band to a new level, but my 24 year old son who was with me was absolutely floored by the entire show. Unlike most of the Eagles concerts I've seen, these guys seemed to be having a lot of fun on the stage!"

This Eagle is STILL soaring!!

Aracada Theater  - St. Charles, IL

"I was absolutely blown away by not only his talent, but also by his story and just how much I love this music!........Then he put on his signature Les Paul double-neck guitar that he used on "Hotel California." The place went nuts, even though nobody sat down all night during his "Hitfest." The guitar riffs on that song are revered as one of the best guitar solos in rock."

Don Felder and his band were terrific!!!

The Space At Westbury - Westbury, NY  

What a great show, exceeded my expectations. Don was excellent and his band was top notch. They played many Eagles songs as well as some of his newer ones. Can't wait for him to come back.