The Skinny: Summer Rock Superlatives

October 14, 2014

Doug Fox at the Daily Herald wrote a great recap article on the best moments from this summer in rock. Thanks for including the Soundtrack of Summer tour, Doug!

"Top Five Shows This Summer: 1. Paul McCartney. 1A: Elton John (the difference between these two knighted titans was razor thin, but the slight edge goes to Sir Paul). 3. The Eagles. 4. The Soundtrack of Summer tour (Styx, Foreigner, Don Felder). 5. Boston. The epic nature of the first four shows was not a surprise, but I admit that Boston was a lot better than I expected.)"

"Best Walk-On: Styx and Don Felder put their pairing to excellent use. Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw and drummer Todd Sucherman helped Felder, the former Eagles guitarist, close his opening set with a blistering version of “Hotel California.” Watching Felder and Shaw execute the back-and-forth guitar duel in the rideout solo was one of the singular highlights of the summer. Felder returned the favor later in the evening by adding another guitar presence for Styx’s “Blue Collar Man.”" Check out the full article here

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