Don Felder Ready for Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre Date

May 01, 2014

Don Felder is a brand. Don Felder is a business. Don Felder is a musical icon.

Atlanta music fans will have the opportunity to see the former guitarist of The Eagles on May 24 at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre as he leads the way for Foreigner and Styx on "The Soundtrack of Summer" tour.

"The Soundtrack of Summer" tour begins May 16, in Oklahoma City at the Zoo Amphitheatre. It winds around the country all summer and tickets for the Atlanta date and other cities are on sale and still available. Visit the tour’s official website,

"I've known the guys in Styx for years," says Felder. "Tommy Shaw co-wrote a couple songs on my last record and we've played together and have had great reception from the audience."

This will be a tripleheader with Felder leading off and then giving way to Foreigner and Styx.

Felder promises to play many of his chart topping hits from The Eagles years. He also will let the crowd in on some of his new solo material and play something Stevie Ray Vaughn fans will appreciate.

Felder said part of the reason he joined this tour was he knew there would be no drama.

"Everyone in (Styx) from the band to the crew to the people are really great. It's fun to spend time with them. When I met Foreigner and spent some time in the studio with them, preparing for this tour, I realized this is going to be a lot of fun."

The likeable Felder was a member of The Eagles for 27 years, co-writing The Eagles' biggest hit - the memorable, Grammy-winning smash, "Hotel California" - along with hits like "Victim of Love" and "Those Shoes."

Last year, Felder released his second solo album, Road to Forever.

May 24 will be a chance for Atlanta-area music fans to see some legends of music, with Felder leading the way.

The tour may be officially called "The Soundtrack of Summer," but for many attending it will be the highlight of their summer.

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